Name:Foam dressing(for trachea cannula use)
Product description:

The foam dressing for trachea cannula use is ideally design for trachea cannula use, it is a highly absorbent dressing made from hydrophilic polyurethane foam, ideally designed for heavily exuding wounds. The soft flexible foam absorbs large amount drainage, ensures patients comfort; the backing film protect wounds against external bacterial.  


1、The polyurethane foam absorbs up to heavy exudates, helps to reduce the risk of maceration, non-adherent to wound bed and minimizes pain when dressing change.

2、Protects the wounds against external contamination and reduces risk of infection. Impermeable to fluids, allows patient to shower with the dressing in situ.

3、The high breathable backing film allows excess moisture to pass away from the wound and maintains a moist healing environment in the wound.

4、The soft foam dressing can be cut into shape to fix wound in different area, adapts to body contours and enhances comfort.


Item No Description Package
FD104 001 7*11cm 1pc/bag、20bags/box、8boxes/carton